Basement? So basic.
Spare bedroom? Bah homebug.

Welcome to the era of the Home Office Palace.

How we work has changed. Shouldn’t how we work from home? Your business deserves better than the kitchen table.

Rachael Kay Albers Queen of the Home Office Palace

Hey! I'm RKA! Creative director, color lover, court jester of the home office palace.

I’m on a quest to turn my Chicagoland basement into the DIY Office o’ Dreams.

Down with desk sets and overstuffed executive chairs! They’re ruining my aesthetic, not to mention my back.

I’ve run my own branding agency for the last 13 years and I’ve done roughly 3% of my work atop a rolling desk chair with chubby arm rests, despite aggressive marketing from the Office Furniture Industrial Complex.

Allow me to woo the capitalists:

Working in a space that inspires joy & creativity isn’t a luxury, it makes good business sense.

Happy people are productive people. They are also more loving friends. More engaged parents. More dynamic members of their community. The ROI is though the roof! What’s there to lose?!

Why would entrepreneurs flee cube farms in droves only to shut ourselves up in our windowless home office dungeons?

Work Sweet Work Home Office Palace

Behind the scenes of the Home Office Palace

The Making of the Rainbow Stairs

I always wanted to be “the kind of woman who has rainbow stairs in her house.” Then I realized, the difference between me and “that kind of woman” is that she decided to do it and I hadn’t yet.

Go behind the scenes...

Home Office Palace Reveals: From Basement to Rainbow Palace

I built my dream DIY home office in my basement! How we work has changed. Why shouldn’t how we work from home? See the big reveal!

Go behind the scenes...

Experience the Home Office Palace for yourself:

How to work with me

I run RKA INK, a branding & marketing reinvention studio for businesses that burn the rulebook. I also offer workshops, private retreats, and consulting sessions on building a business that houses your passions and makes space for you to do your best work. And yes! We can talk about designing your own Home Office Palace, too.

Door #1.

Book a 1:1 branding retreat at the home office palace

2-day branding & marketing retreats for entrepreneurs who don't just think outside the box — they set fire to it! Your big ideas meet my bold vision for branding that puts you on the map. Come to the Home Office Palace and I'll give you the royal treatment.

Door #2.

Schedule an unforgettability session to talk biz

Your brand has my attention. Now, let's work on the rest of the world while we're at it! Get expert marketing support in a bite-sized format. My unforgettability sessions come in pairs. As delightful as a Twix bar, but way less gooey.

Door #3.

Work with my studio, RKA INK, to reinvent your brand

My creative agency, RKA INK, is the reinvention studio for businesses that burn the rulebook. Just call me the rebrand whisperer. My process blends strategy, messaging, and design to make you the talk of the town (also, the Internet).


sorry to get awkward on you but it's kinda my thing. I believe:

Every home office can be a palace.

No matter the square footage. No matter the business. No matter the work you're doing. You deserve to feel happy, calm, and inspired while you're doing it.

Join me on my mission to design the Ultimate Home Office. Let's do it together!